2017 in review…

We have done our last gigs for 2017!

Break Cover are now on holiday and have gigged our last gig of this year… 2017 has really been an interesting year with both highs and lows. Claire leaving us at the start of the year meant that for half of 2017, Break Cover had no female lead vocalist. Then while searching for a lead singer, Steve left too.

Enter Lea Truckle… Salisbury Music Awards Best Guitarist 2015 asked if he could play bass. A little flummoxed as, well, it’s an opening for a bass player. But he came, he played and he got the part! And did such a fantastic job on bass, he earned the title of Salisbury Music Awards Best Bassist 2017!

Now would be a great opportunity to give an honourable nod to the many people who have stood in this year. Dave Hitchins on Bass, Ray Franklin also on Bass and Neil & Lea stepping in for Terry on guitar. Thank you very much for your help!

And whilst we are on the thanks list, a separate nod is deserved for Jez Caesar. He played harmonica on many many gigs this year, and was also a part of our Studio CD we recorded way back in Feb this year. Thank you Jez!

Now on to the good stuff… Enter Jemma! Her audition could be described as an open and shut case. It only took two songs for us to offer her the job!

Pubs, clubs, weddings, festivals and concert halls have all been played this year. We had a great crack at open air gigs too including Amesbury Carnival, Durrington Music in the Rec, The New Inn summer music festival, Salisbury’s Music in the Park, Christmas Market and Sunday Market just this weekend gone. We also got to support From The Jam at the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown.

As you may have seen though, Lea recently has had a change in circumstances and can no longer commit to playing bass with us. We are sad to see him go as it has been a blast having him in the band. We wish him all the best with whatever is next on his radar.

We have always had such a warm reception from every audience. Thank you to everyone who has seen us play this year. And for all your support online too. Your support means the world to us and you are the reason why we do this. Thank you!!

What’s next for us? A little break right now plus some auditions for a new bassist and get ourselves ready to come back with a bang in 2018.

Keep on rocking, have a great holiday break and see you at a gig soon!

Salisbury Christmas Sunday Market

With the Hootenany the day before… There was no rest for the wicked! Getting straight out the door to set up for the Salisbury Christmas Market! It was very well attended and there was lots of bopping and dancing at the stalls we could see, but it only took a break in the weather before a crowd gathered. It was great to be able to play for you all! Thank you very much for showing your support. Not just for us, but to all the independent traders…

Hootenany 2017!

Saturday was the night, the night for all to descend upon the Mill and join us in a massive musical celebration. 5 singers, 6 bassists, 3 drummers, 7 guitarists and one harmonic-ist (?!?) gave us the biggest and best Hootenanny so far. Thank you to everyone who came, this would never be an event like it without your support.

If you have photos of the night that you’d like to share with us, please do send us a message. I think we may have seen a tiny fraction of the photos from the night so far!

Qudos Music Bar & Grill December 2017

Ah Qudos, you are a great venue.

There’s always a little bit of magic when we play Qudos but some nights the magic is especially strong.

It was great to have Ray Franklin back on bass.  Always a stalwart of the band when he was a full time member and certainly some of that old magic was back in the house last night.

Terry is still away so Lea was back on guitar duties and was having far too much fun with it.

But the most important thing was that the audience was having an excellent evening. Dancing started during the sound check so there was a hint there it was going to be a blinder and the crowd did not disappoint.

Even the Christmas tree joined in with the dancing…

All in all a truly magnificent evening and we wish all the staff and customers an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you back in Qudos in 2018.

Next Saturday is the Hootenenny at The Mill – NOT to be missed!


Salisbury Christmas Market Live

A huge thank you to the people who braved the cold to come and see us last night! We were half expecting it to snow it was that cold and that Christmassy!

Huge thanks also go to Colin and Charlotte for inviting us and having everything so well organised – we’re not sure Simon enjoyed having those tempting food stands so close all night though!! The Rhythm Blasters are playing at the market tonight so please go and show them some love.

That was really good fun and an amazing experience, Outdoor gigs are always really cool and it was great to see so many people having such a good time.

We are back in the Market Square as part of the Christmas Sunday Markets on Sunday 17 December but before then we have a couple of warmer gigs at Qudos Music Bar & Grill on 9 December and what looks like our biggest Hootenanny yet at The Mill Salisbury on 16 December.

Thanks again for coming and hope to see you again soon.

Many thanks to Spencer Mulholland, Hayley and Heather for the additional photos.

Spectacular Cosy Club November 2017

Judging from the feedback last night it’s safe to say that the Cosy Club audience thoroughly enjoyed last night’s show and turned out in good numbers despite the cold and wet November weather.

A really lovely venue with a lot of space (room to dance, which was taken great advantage of), awesome bar staff, lots of seating and a really nice atmosphere.

The audience were singing along right from the first song and still dancing and shouting for more at the end .

Thank you Cosy Club for a great venue and a great audience.

Photos from The Mill

Friday nights photos from The Mill. Simon definitely got a little too attached to that hair, regardless of how hot it was!!! A fantastic gig with a smidge of fundraising for Salisbury Live. Dave Hitchins kindly stepping in on bass and Lea on guitar.

Break Cover at the SMAs 2017

We would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who voted for us in the various categories at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards.

Lea picked up the award for Best Bassist.

Lea is primarily known as a guitar player. Especially as he won The Best Guitarist Award at the SMAs in 2015. But he joined us in May 2017 as our new bassist and has worked tremendously hard to bring a real joyful feel to the band and is well recognised with this award.

We came Runners Up as Salisbury’s Best Covers Band.

You have always been kind to us  with the Best Covers Band Award. We were Runners Up in 2013 then Winners for 2014 and 2015 and then Runners Up for 2016 and 2017.  Thank you!

Craig was placed third in this year’s Awards as Best Drummer.

Although he’s still flying high from when you voted him Best Drummer in 2015.

The Salisbury Music Awards are a fun way to celebrate the incredible live music scene we have here in Salisbury. Whether it’s original music or cover bands; we are looked after amazingly well by an audience that takes the time to come and see all the live music there is on offer.

Without the audience there wouldn’t be the venues and without the venues there wouldn’t be the bands.

So a huge thank you for voting for us and all those who were nominated at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards but an even bigger thank you for coming to see us perform, for liking us on Facebook, for commenting on Fandalism or for however you show your support. It is hugely appreciated.

We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.