2011 and 2012

Before Break Cover

The Rhythm section of what would become Break Cover, Craig Butler on Drums and Terry Hogan on Bass, had been together for some time having played together in both Z Carz (with the legendary John Mills) and Rhythem Mafia (with James Watson and Paul Fleming). After both guitarists left Rhythem Mafia (yes, we know rhythm was spelt wrong – it was on purpose and everything), Terry and Craig, wanting to continue, posted an advert online which was answered by Terry Taylor around Christmas 2011. They had also recruited Mike Clipson as a Rhythm Guitarist and were on the search for a lead vocalist. Craig could sing and drum, but really wanted a Lead Female vocalist. Tracey Lloyd answered this. Sadly, this un-named band never took flight.

Not Break Cover yet


A month after that initial project split up Terry Hogan and Craig invited Terry Taylor back to do a similar thing. A small set of songs was put together with just Craig singing but the fledgling band was still keen to recruit a second guitarist.

April. Ex-Statues guitarist Simon Dickenson is approached via You Tube and after an initial jam of the songs joins as the second guitarist.

The band practice in a secure site where all the kit can be left in situ and the members just turn up and plug in. This becomes the standard and the band are fortunate to keep this arrangement; although often in various locations right up to when Craig leaves the band, many years later.

Break Cover

17 May. The band’s first gig is at Boscombe Down Sergeant’s Mess and the name “Break Cover” is decided upon.  The band name came from Craig’s daughter, Emma. The decision was reached around a table at that Mess Hall while waiting to play their first live performance together. Initially only a temporary name until something better could be arrived at later. 10 years does seem to be quite a long time to be waiting for a permanent name.

The band only has seventeen songs in the set at this time. None of which remain in today’s set list. This is also the gig where the Les Dawson version of Teenage Wedding is played to noisy acclaim.

Aw Bless

June to September this 4-piece band, supported by Phil Shergold running the PA, plays gigs at the Bulford Jubilee Event (in a huge hangar), Shrewton Sports and Social Club and the first gig at Qudos with Craig doing all the vocal duties. That first gig at Qudos is also when the black shirt / red tie outfit is adopted for the very first time. The band at this point are using “old school” half stack guitar amplifiers. Great sound but very heavy to move around.

I like the ties but who stole Simon’s hat?! (The first ever Break Cover Qudos gig)
Are we compensating for something?
A very big room

13 October Michelle Church joins the band as singer and front person to provide a focal point to the band. It turns out that a singing drummer confuses audiences as they don’t know where to look! Michelle provides not only a focal point but a new level of entertainment. Break Cover becomes a five piece, and the model of a male and female singer becomes the new “standard”. A gig at the Chough (now defunct) is Michelle’s first gig with us.

And then there were 5

November to December sees Break Cover find its pace and place with a series of gigs at Bulford Sgt’s Mess, Larkhill Cosack Club, Upavon 007 event, Shrewton Sports and Social Club and rounding the year off on New Year’s Eve at Salisbury Rugby Club.

It’s 3AM and we’re not even tired. Honest!
New Year’s Eve at Salisbury Rugby Club

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