The Band

Amber: Lead & Backing Vocals

Amber joined us in June 2018, and she came from a classical music background and is enjoying delving into classic rock. In her spare time, in case you can’t find her, she will usually be with horses.
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Pete: Drums

If you joined us for our Virtual Gig in June 2021 you would have spotted drummer Peter Hawes (Pete). Pete began playing drums when he was 13, playing along to mostly rock music. He was heavily influenced by classic rock drummers such as Carmine Appice, John Bonham and Ian Paice, who remain his core source of inspiration for drum solo and fill ideas. He has a fascination with drummers taking Buddy Rich & Gene Krupa style big band jazz chops and applying them to a rock setting. He plays Ludwig drums and is commercially endorsed by Vulcan Cymbals

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Dave Allaway: Bass Guitar

Our latest addition: Dave has been playing in bands since a teenager in the early 80’s, after being fed on 70’s glam rock and NWOBHM. Currently playing a Fender P bass through an Ashdown stack. When not doing this, can be found lurking in a shed fixing something
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Terry Taylor: Lead & Backing Vocals + Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Terry started playing the guitar in his early teenage years. He picked up songs predominantly by ear rather than looking at music. His playing really hit a resurgence though when he signed up to play in the musical “Return to the Forbidden Planet”. Off the back of an amazing week in Cambridge, he looked high and low for a local band and found Craig Butler before we were even called Break Cover. Terry can be found at many local Blues jams outside the band as he loves playing improvised stuff. Terry puts recordings he’s done on Soundcloud here ->
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Simon Dickenson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Ex-Statues guitarist Simon gave it all up for a while to travel. Having failed to find anywhere as nice to live as Salisbury and with a new family he returned after only a short time away and with a new found love of music. Where once he listened only to Rock now he listens to all sorts of music. (Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, everything.) Simon joined Break Cover in 2012 and was nominated at the Salisbury Music Awards in 2016 and 2017 as Salisbury’s Best Guitarist. Simon’s YouTube channel can be at:
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 Come and meet the band at the next gig. It would be good to meet you and say hello!

The Music You Love – Rocked Up. Award winning covers band playing music from the sixties through to the present-day. For bookings, please call Simon on 07968 967906