Breaking News

Breaking News:

Back on the 14th July we announced the sad news that Craig had decided to leave the band. At the time we said:
“Our intention is to hand all lead vocal duties to Amber with the rest of the band providing backing vocals, once the new drummer is in place. There is no fixed timescale for this so we will let you know as it breaks.”

The breaking news is that Craig will be leaving the band at the end of August. We have three more gigs until then so please make every effort to come and see us with Craig doing his thing. Those last dates with Craig gigs are:

• Salisbury Market Square Friday 16 August
• Fun in the Field. Berwick St James Saturday 24 August
• Shrewton Cricket Club Beer Festival Sunday 25 August

Come and show Craig your support and help us to wish him all the best for the future.

Back in July we also said: “we are not actively looking for new gigs until the new drummer is in place and we are all comfortable that the Break Cover magic is in place… we are confident that you’ll enjoy what this turns in to.”

This is also updated as we have a new drummer, we are over the moon with how everything is sounding and are now extremely confident that you’ll love what this turns in to – that Break Cover magic is alive and well. So, the great news here is that we can start taking bookings now for dates from October onwards.

Please follow the events page below to track where we are playing. There are a few surprises to come too. Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you at an event soon.