Ebblefest 2019

A very full marquee

Saturday was a terrific day at Ebblefest! Lovely weather for it and what a crowd! We made sure we sampled all of the food stalls and the bar at the end of the Marquee. The Fete beforehand was well attended and then when the evening descended, well, the pictures show what happened!

Smoke machine was worked hard

Definitely a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon / evening! Thank you for having us Village Fete & Ebblefest – Odstock, Nunton, Bodenham.

Amazing crowd having a ball!

Also a tip of the hat to Just BecauseBadger Blues BandCommon Confusion and The Lyte Brigade playing throughout the event…

Just Because playing to full bar inside and out
The Badger Blues Band getting in to it.
Common Confusion hiding in the smoke
Most of the Lyte Brigade
As it was so hot and sticky in the marquee lots of Ebblefesters stayed cool with the drinks outside!