January kicks off with the first of nine gigs at Qudos in 2014. The audience there really embrace Lou and it becomes our “home” gig for the year.

Qudos Music Bar & Grill

February and Ray Franklin joins us full time on bass guitar at a gig in The Wig & Quill having learned the songs on the afternoon of the gig. (The showoff). Originally from that there London: Ray brings a real sense of Classic Rock to the band having seen much of the real deal live in London during the 70s! With Lou and Ray in place the line-up settles down again and a whole slew of gigs come pouring in. A great big thank you to Mike Clipson for filling in while we found Ray.

Ray Franklin on bass having learned the songs about six hours earlier
Is that a big cannon or are you just pleased to join us Ray?

March and we are back in Sound on Sound Studio to produce a CD (Unbroken) that represents the new make up of the band. Another 10 songs recorded in a day and mixed in another day with the fantastic Mike at Sound on Sound.

Nice to see everyone working hard in the studio!
Unbreakable – CD #2

March sees a new dep. Welcome to Chris Wynn who helps out at the infamous “stop” gig at Qudos (that is a whole other story, but not one for sharing on the interwebs) and one other as Ray already had stuff booked for these when he joined the band.

Remember Simon – no matter what happens on the dance floor – keep playing!

April and May sees the band settle into its new sound and really find its feet again.

Lou applauding Ray’s bass solo in Blondie’s Atomic

June has a couple of very notable gigs. The first is a wedding at Sherborne Castle. A stunning setting and a Doctor Who themed décor. What a truly beautiful place that is.

The other gig of note will remain forever fixed in the memory of all that attended. The Bridge Music Festival in Stockbridge. A fundraiser festival in support of local character Alex Lewis who you may have seen on the news. Google his name for the full story. What a sensational day! Sets from lots of local bands like Off The Cuff and The Mosquitos rounding off with a monster set from Break Cover on a proper stage with proper lights and crowd going proper bonkers. The benchmark for all festival gigs to follow. T shirts are still worn.

Sherbourne Castle – Crazy Horses waaa waaa
The Bridge Music Festival

July to December sees 13 gigs go by. Notably all the gigs at Qudos are stunning; Durrington’s Music In The Rec, organised by the legend that was John Mills is a delight; Colin Gray joins us as temporary (dep) guitar player while Terry’s work kindly post him oversees for a while, starting at legendary Salisbury venue The Old Ale House; another terrific evening at The Bear Inn Beer Festival in Wilton; a charity gig at The Bell in Warminster; a very fragrant gig at the famous Barge Inn, A huge thank you to Colin Gray for helping while Terry was away.

Durrington Rec’s Music In The Park
The Bear Inn Beer Festival, Wilton
The Old Ale House (how it used to be)
Colin, Ray & Lou working the Qudos audience into a frenzy. Simon & Craig had popped out for a bit.

Salisbury Music Awards 2014 Break Cover win the Best Covers Band Award. Everyone in the band is over the moon. And then very, very drunk. Thank you so much to the wonderful gig going population of Salisbury for voting for us: Just WOW.

Colin Gray deputising for Terry on drinking heavily


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