January to April and Break Cover rolls on through a bunch of thoroughly enjoyable gigs. Worthy of note are: Qudos (as always) and a trip “oop North” to Craig’s hometown near Blackpool which was a tremendous road trip and a great gig. The Southerners in the band also find out what a proper working man’s club looks like and discover Northern Hospitality courtesy of Craig’s family.

A very busy Qudos in January
An even busier Qudos in February
Utter chaos in Qudos in March
Insert cliched Northern joke here – probably something about Garlic Bread

Also, in January is an ill-advised and short-lived trial of blue ties (wonder whose idea that was) and Simon finally joins Terry in the small amp club and begins his love affair of UK amp builder Victory. Shame they don’t make one that glows red!

Blue Ties? Are we absolutely certain???
Simon’s new Victory head next to an awful lot of blue things.

May for two gigs we are back to a four piece or “The BC Boys Club” as it comes to be known as. Lou had decided to step down from the band to focus on personal commitments. Even though she has one more gig with us – we decide to treat the Qudos gig as Lou’s send off and the crowd goes absolutely nuts with us to say thank you for being an inspiration and great spokesperson for the band.

The Boys Club at the Rugby Club with Mad Paul on lights!
Lou says goodbye to Qudos and, as usual, Qudos goes nuts
Qudos says goodbye to Lou and, as usual, Lou goes nuts

June is one of those happy/sad months as we say a real goodbye to Lou after performing at the Beerex in Salisbury Arts Centre and hello to Claire Varney who takes Lou’s place for the second set at a gig at Salisbury’s Huntsman Tavern. Amongst the other gigs that month Break Cover do Salisbury Live and the Big Session at Sixpenny Handley.

Lou’s very last gig
Everyone say “Hello Claire”

July and Break Cover are back at Durrington Rec under the steerage of John Mills. This has become a firm favourite as it is such a gentle, family friendly day with a superb atmosphere. Break Cover also get their first gig at FiggleFest. Also notable for being a family friendly event with a superb atmosphere and lots to do for everyone while the music is happening across two stages.

Ray and Claire going about the serious business of rocking Durrington Rec
The awesome John Mills going about the less serious business of being an event organiser. John is very fondly remembered and very deeply missed.
Blue things continue to infect Break Cover at FiggleFest

August to December this line up of Break Cover has now settled down and performs 21 gigs before the end of the year. This includes: a very strange gig in the grounds of Tidworth Football Club; our last time (for a while) at The Bear Inn Beer Festival, this time with our friends The Mosquitoes; more Qudos gigs; another New Year’s Eve at Salisbury Rugby Club and a few notable events which deserve their own special mention.

Tisbury FC. What a most peculiar gig this was.
The Bear Inn Beer Festival (moist)
Claire and the gang at Qudos
Neil depping at The Rugby Club on New Years Eve

Salisbury Music Awards 2015 and we again win Best Covers Band. This time Craig wins Best Drummer too. If you thought we were impressed last time we were absolutely flabbergasted this time. Once again, a huge thank you to the lovely people of Salisbury who voted for us and made this happen. This was the last time we won at the SMAs but we have continued to come runner up in subsequent years.

Awards. Nice. Surprising, but nice.

Album #3 – Unleashed is recorded, once again, at Sound on Sound Studios and follows the familiar path of one day to record the live instruments and the second day to complete the mix.

Recording requires sustenance before it begins
Album #3 – Unleashed

Neil B – Terry, once again, gets called upon to travel the world and the very resourceful Neil B steps up to dep this time as Colin Gray has, by now, been recruited full time into Off The Cuff. Neil reappears in our story next year too.

Neil B – master of the slick string change

Talking Heads is one of Southampton’s most famous and most inglorious venues. Or sadly we should say “was” as it has now passed into the annals of rock history. Break Cover played here twice in 2015. One in October and again in December for the Third Annual Biker Booze Up in aid of Dreamflight. Previous people who have played here include Everything Everything; The Magic Numbers; Eddie and the Hotrods; The Damned; The Bluetones; Band of Skulls; The Slits; Mumford & Sons; New York Dolls and now Break Cover!

The legendary Talking Heads

Salisbury Christmas Lights Switch On Like The Bridge Music Festival this will forever remain in the memory of those who performed. Great lights, a huge PA, a big screen, a massive stage and 14,000 Salisbury residents all in one place at one time. Getting the Evolution choir on stage with Santa and Rudolf for a rendition of Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone was particularly special!

The Evolution Choir join Break Cover on stage while Santa admires Simon’s beard
Break Cover, Santa & Rudolf get photo-bombed by most of Salisbury
Two guitars bringing the Christmas Rock
Salisbury Christmas Light Switch On 2015

The first Hootenanny For some reason we decide to invite all of Salisbury’s musicians to join us on stage for our last gig at The Old Ale House before it goes off for a refurb. As it’s in December, we decide to call it a Hootenanny. OK well that turns out to be a huge success. Lots of musicians and lots of audience. We foresee a tradition being born!

The first Break Cover Hootenanny proves to be a much bigger success than expected

The Music You Love – Rocked Up. Award winning covers band playing music from the sixties through to the present-day. For bookings, please call Simon on 07968 967906