Break Cover at the SMAs 2017

We would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who voted for us in the various categories at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards.

Lea picked up the award for Best Bassist.

Lea is primarily known as a guitar player. Especially as he won The Best Guitarist Award at the SMAs in 2015. But he joined us in May 2017 as our new bassist and has worked tremendously hard to bring a real joyful feel to the band and is well recognised with this award.

We came Runners Up as Salisbury’s Best Covers Band.

You have always been kind to us  with the Best Covers Band Award. We were Runners Up in 2013 then Winners for 2014 and 2015 and then Runners Up for 2016 and 2017.  Thank you!

Craig was placed third in this year’s Awards as Best Drummer.

Although he’s still flying high from when you voted him Best Drummer in 2015.

The Salisbury Music Awards are a fun way to celebrate the incredible live music scene we have here in Salisbury. Whether it’s original music or cover bands; we are looked after amazingly well by an audience that takes the time to come and see all the live music there is on offer.

Without the audience there wouldn’t be the venues and without the venues there wouldn’t be the bands.

So a huge thank you for voting for us and all those who were nominated at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards but an even bigger thank you for coming to see us perform, for liking us on Facebook, for commenting on Fandalism or for however you show your support. It is hugely appreciated.

We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.