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Break Cover is 7 years old today

17 May 2012 was our first gig at Boscombe Down Sgt Mess and the name Break Cover was coined for the first time.

7 years and 200+ gigs later we are still going strong. If anything we are having more fun now than we did when we first started!

We often get asked what our favourite gigs were so a seventh birthday feels like a good excuse to post our top 7 gigs.

The problem with that is we can never agree which make the top so there might be more than 7 in our top 7!

1. The Bridge Music Festival, Stockbridge, June 2014.

A charity music festival to raise money for Alex Lewis who lost all of his limbs following a cold! Memorable for the great range of bands, the incredible crowd, a great stage, insane lighting and the way that the whole event lifted when the sun went down and it just felt like a party for every second we played. The band were on fire and the crowd fed off that ; the band then fed off the crowd’s energy creating the magical feedback loop of joy which you can never plan for. Terry winding up Jim Davidson but making the PA feedback every time he spoke was hilarious too. A truly memorable night.

Either a smoke machine or this band are HOT!

2. John Coghlan’s Quo, The Barrington, November 2016.

Supporting a big name band is always going to be good fun but Craig and Simon are massive fans of Status Quo so getting to support the original Frantic Four drummer was always going to be even more special. It turns out that John is a terrific chap and his band are really lovely too. We had a great laugh with them and were made to feel like part of the family. The guys at The Barrington could not have done more for us as well. And then there was the audience… hugely appreciative, applauding the songs before we played them and really kind and open with feedback in the bar after. Another truly memorable night.

Opening for Quo. Awesome.

3. Salisbury Christmas Light Switch On, November 2015.

Playing in Salisbury is always a treat as Salisbury audiences really appreciate live music. It turns out an audience of 14,000 really appreciates live music. Salisbury market square absolutely rammed; a huge stage; a massive PA; a huge TV screen and a crowd that massively appreciated what we did. A huge buzz for everyone on stage. Getting the Evolution Choir, Santa and Rudolf up for “Merry Christmas Everyone” at the end was electric. Not one that we will ever forget.

Thanks to Spencer Mulholland for photo. What a lot of folk!

4. Qudos, 2014

2014 was a remarkable year for us but one of the most memorable things was playing in Qudos Music Bar & Grill on Castle Street Salisbury a total of 9 times in that one year. Qudos is a very special place for us. Simon was the first guitarist ever to play there in a previous band at the business launch. On top of that we have played there more than 35 times since our first gig in September 2012. The most outstanding feature of the venue – the audience. These guys are always up for it and it’s a joy to play here – every time. It helps the atmosphere is as hot as a Louisiana swamp at midday. A year to remember.

Qudos Music Bar & Grill. One of the very best places for live music in Salisbury.

5. Firsfest, August 2018

We have played at the Firsdown Music Festival in Winterslow (better known as Firsfest) before 2018 but this was the first time we had played the Social Stage. The last act on the main stage was All Floyd who had started late due to previous bands running over. This meant we had to start our set as they were still playing. Not expecting too much we launched into our set. We were joined very quickly by an extremely energetic group of people who were keen to party the night away. An hour or so later and more encores than we should have played and we looked back on one of the most energetic and appreciative audiences we could remember. A festival night to remember forever.

Even the lighting joined in with the Break Cover theme.

6. CarFest, Salisbury, September 2018.

Salisbury Market Square is good to us. Probably because Salisbury audiences are absolutely fantastic! However, we approached this one a little nervously as Salisbury had never had a CarFest in the Market before and we had to play from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Well we needn’t have worried – the weather was incredible, the cars were brilliant, the stall holders were amazing the audience was absolutely out of this world. More than 15,000 people attended the day and they could not have been more fun to play for. A CarFest to remember.

There are some cars in there somewhere we promise.

7. The Talbot Inn, Calne, May 2019

The most recent event to make the list was set up by the Celtic Crew MCC and took us to North Wiltshire for the first time. What made this so special? Two things: the people who ran the pub looked after us really well and the atmosphoere from the audience was tremendous. All of the gigs on this list were made memorable by the audience that we played to. When the audience feeds off what we are doing and we get high from their feedback and that makes us play better and the audience picks up on that… it’s what Wilko Johnson calls “a secret conspiracy to have a good time”. All of the gigs here had that but this last one was such a complete surprise that it had the band flying. A bike night to remember!

Just outside…

Truthfully, it’s impossible to pick a top 7 and if you ask us again tomorrow it will probably be different. Across 200+ gigs there’s always going to be those that just stand out so the following deserve an honourable mention as they are probably in that top list too…

8. Figglefest – a village festival which is superbly run, has a terrific atmosphere and is a joy to play.

9. Durrington Music in The Rec – previously organised by the late, great John Mills this is always a lovely family atmosphere event tied to an annual Vintage Vehicle weekend.

10. Amesbury Carnival – maybe it was the whether but it was probably the audience – just a superb atmosphere and an all round beautiful day.

Watching bands at Figglefest ’18 while Salisbury Plain burns in the background. Lovely.

The main theme here is that it is the audience which makes each gig memorable and we have been lucky enough to play some terrific events to some incredible people.

Thank you all so much for your support over the last 7 years! You are the reason we do this.

Please join us for our seventh birthday party at Qudos in Salisbury on Friday 31 May 2019!!

Can we get more people in this photo?

Qudos 23 March 2019

A huge thank you to everyone at Qudos last night. That was a terrific turn out and much hotter than anyone expected.

The new songs went down a storm and everyone had a fantastic evening.

Really nice to see some familiar faces we hadn’t seen in a while – great to see you having such a good time!!

Some members of the audience probably woke up feeling a little more worse for wear than others and we hope that the lady who fell in to 2 microphone stands, a music stand, an amplifier and 3 guitars isn’t feeling too poorly today despite drinking all of Qudos.

Once again thank you to the bar staff for keeping the evening moving and for making sure we all had a marvellous evening.

Next up Cosy Club on Friday 29 March. See you there!

Romsey Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Jo and thank you for asking us to your Rock & Roll party.

A great evening had by all and so lovely to see the ladies in their 50s dresses dancing their (bobby) socks off.

Next up is the Salisbury Live Fundraiser this Saturday 16 March. Join Trip, Passenger Club, The Duskers, Trinity, Just Beacuase and us at Alderbury Social Club.

Twice the Fun!

Saturday 22 December was an exciting day with two gigs to cover!

First up was a last minute gig with the Salisbury Live team as The Zucchinis were sadly not able to do their scheduled slot which meant we got to play in the bandstand for the first time this year.

It was great to see the Christmas Market still in full flow and everyone having a very Christmassy time.

Kudos to Gary Sarum, Brian Mundy and Kelvin O’Brien for running the music at the Christmas Market for the last 3 weeks – very professional and well appreciated!

Next up, a quick hop across town to Qudos Music Bar & Grill.

Once again the Qudos audience were in fine voice and despite, some very naughty sound gremlins (including a microphone cable which stopped working in the 6 minutes between sound check and gig time) an exuberant time was had by all.

Our favourite quote of the night: “As it’s the last Saturday before Christmas would you like to hear a Christmas song?” Qudos replies “NO!!” Righto then, on with the non-Christmas music.

Thanks to Vanessa, Andy, the bar staff and the wonderful audience for another great night at Qudos!

Have a great Christmas and hopefully see you either on Boxing Day at Alderbury Club or back in Qudos for New Years Eve!

Carnival Day at the Testwood Club

It was Totton Carnival yesterday (Saturday 16 June) and the Testwood Club was open to non members and members all day and its safe to say that a lot of fun was had throughout the day.

It was our first gig without Jem so we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to her for all the gigs and giggles we had on the way. Thanks for being such a great part of Break Cover and good luck for all that you are going to do.

We were very lucky that Amber stepped forward so quickly and it was an absolute joy to introduce her to her first Break Cover gig. Amber comes from a classical music background, and is looking forward to delving into classic rock. In her spare time, in case you cant find her, she will usually be with her horses, or jamming in her originals duo- Common Confusion.

Our first gig at the Testwood Club and Amber’s first gig with us could not have gone any better – the audience were a real blast and were really appreciative of Amber. Hopefully we’ll get to play there again soon. Thank you to Bill Solomon and the Testwood Team for a thoroughly enjoyable evening and for making Amber’s introduction so memorable.

Please join us in welcoming Amber to Break Cover!

Qudos Music Bar & Grill December 2017

Ah Qudos, you are a great venue.

There’s always a little bit of magic when we play Qudos but some nights the magic is especially strong.

It was great to have Ray Franklin back on bass.  Always a stalwart of the band when he was a full time member and certainly some of that old magic was back in the house last night.

Terry is still away so Lea was back on guitar duties and was having far too much fun with it.

But the most important thing was that the audience was having an excellent evening. Dancing started during the sound check so there was a hint there it was going to be a blinder and the crowd did not disappoint.

Even the Christmas tree joined in with the dancing…

All in all a truly magnificent evening and we wish all the staff and customers an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you back in Qudos in 2018.

Next Saturday is the Hootenenny at The Mill – NOT to be missed!


Salisbury Christmas Market Live

A huge thank you to the people who braved the cold to come and see us last night! We were half expecting it to snow it was that cold and that Christmassy!

Huge thanks also go to Colin and Charlotte for inviting us and having everything so well organised – we’re not sure Simon enjoyed having those tempting food stands so close all night though!! The Rhythm Blasters are playing at the market tonight so please go and show them some love.

That was really good fun and an amazing experience, Outdoor gigs are always really cool and it was great to see so many people having such a good time.

We are back in the Market Square as part of the Christmas Sunday Markets on Sunday 17 December but before then we have a couple of warmer gigs at Qudos Music Bar & Grill on 9 December and what looks like our biggest Hootenanny yet at The Mill Salisbury on 16 December.

Thanks again for coming and hope to see you again soon.

Many thanks to Spencer Mulholland, Hayley and Heather for the additional photos.

Spectacular Cosy Club November 2017

Judging from the feedback last night it’s safe to say that the Cosy Club audience thoroughly enjoyed last night’s show and turned out in good numbers despite the cold and wet November weather.

A really lovely venue with a lot of space (room to dance, which was taken great advantage of), awesome bar staff, lots of seating and a really nice atmosphere.

The audience were singing along right from the first song and still dancing and shouting for more at the end .

Thank you Cosy Club for a great venue and a great audience.

Break Cover at the SMAs 2017

We would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who voted for us in the various categories at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards.

Lea picked up the award for Best Bassist.

Lea is primarily known as a guitar player. Especially as he won The Best Guitarist Award at the SMAs in 2015. But he joined us in May 2017 as our new bassist and has worked tremendously hard to bring a real joyful feel to the band and is well recognised with this award.

We came Runners Up as Salisbury’s Best Covers Band.

You have always been kind to us  with the Best Covers Band Award. We were Runners Up in 2013 then Winners for 2014 and 2015 and then Runners Up for 2016 and 2017.  Thank you!

Craig was placed third in this year’s Awards as Best Drummer.

Although he’s still flying high from when you voted him Best Drummer in 2015.

The Salisbury Music Awards are a fun way to celebrate the incredible live music scene we have here in Salisbury. Whether it’s original music or cover bands; we are looked after amazingly well by an audience that takes the time to come and see all the live music there is on offer.

Without the audience there wouldn’t be the venues and without the venues there wouldn’t be the bands.

So a huge thank you for voting for us and all those who were nominated at this year’s Salisbury Music Awards but an even bigger thank you for coming to see us perform, for liking us on Facebook, for commenting on Fandalism or for however you show your support. It is hugely appreciated.

We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.


Salisbury Music Awards 2017

Salisbury Music Awards has come round again and we are over the moon that Break Cover has been nominated in a number of categories this year.

We’ve not had the smoothest of years since the last awards. We lost Claire at the beginning of 2017 and spent some of the year as a four piece with first Steve and  then Lea on bass. We had some great support from JC on harp which enabled us to deliver the CD ‘Undaunted’ as well as continue gigging through these changes.

At the beginning of the summer Lea joined the band and more recently Jem joined us too and they have both brought a new energy to the band.

There is a link at the bottom of this post to the 2017 Salisbury Music Awards and we encourage you to take a few moments to vote for your favourites. You’ll need to vote in each category and then click next all the way to the end and then click Vote otherwise none of your selections will be counted.

Voting is open now with the awards being held at Salisbury Arts Centre on Saturday 28 October (while we are playing at The New Inn in Amesbury) so you have a short time to get your votes in.

We have been nominated in the following categories:

Best Guitarist – Simon Dickenson (Break Cover)
Best Bassist – Lea Truckle (Break Cover)
Best Drummer – Craig Butler (Break Cover)
Best Covers Band – Break Cover (Break Cover)

and you can vote here: