The Band

Jem: Lead & Backing Vocals

Jem joined the band at The New Inn Music Fest in August 2017. She brings a wealth of experience as an entertainer as well having a stunning voice. Recently moved to Salisbury from Devon, Jem has an electric stage presence and adds a certain elegance to the band’s performance. Jem is also a proper rocker too and know how to belt out the big tunes. Come and see us and you’ll see what we mean.
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Craig Butler: Vocals & Drums

Originally from Blackpool,  Craig has been playing drums for a while but much prefers singing. Trouble is we like him too much as a drummer!!! It does confuse people though when we start up and the vocals suddenly appear.  However, Craig’s drumming skills have been noticed as he won the Salisbury Music Award’s Best Drummer Aware in 2015 and came third in 2017. Note: Craig quite likes Status Quo although he keeps this a secret.
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Andrea Penna: Bass Guitar

Please welcome Andrea Penna who joined us on bass duties in January 2018.  Andrea plays a six string bass and is known in Salisbury for his amazing tone and flawless groove both of which we plan to show off to the full at all Break Cover gigs.  Band rehearsals have been absolutely stunning and the new tone and groove has brought a new ‘pop’ to what we do.  Andrea is a really nice chap too!
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Terry Taylor: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Terry started playing the guitar at early teenage years. He picked up songs predominantly by ear rather than looking at music. His playing really hit a resurgence though when he signed up to play in the musical “Return to the Forbidden Planet”. Off the back of an amazing week in Cambridge, he looked high and low for a local band and found Craig. Terry can be found at many local Blues jams outside the band as he loves playing improvised stuff. Terry puts recordings he’s done on Soundcloud here ->
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Simon Dickenson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Ex-Statues guitarist Simon gave it all up for a while to travel round looking to find somewhere that was like Salisbury but cheaper. Having failed to find anywhere as nice and with a new family he returned to Salisbury after only a short time away and with a new found love of music. Where once he listened only to Rock now he listens to all sorts of music. (Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, everything.) After briefly reuniting for a few gigs with Statues in 2009 & 2010 to fund a headstone for Dave Marsh, Simon joined Break Cover in 2012. Simon plays UK made Victory Amps and has a thing for weird and unusual guitars. Simon’s YouTube channel can be found here:
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Ken Jones: Sound Engineer & Chief Roadie

Ken has been with Break Cover since the beginning and has been a great support to all. Ken took over Sound Engineer duties in 2014 and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with Break Cover’s sound. Plus his skills as a Roadie are of the highest calibre and we would recommend him to anyone except that we never want to let him go. So if you ask, we’ll tell you he is rubbish.
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 Come and meet the band at the next gig. It wood be good to meet you and say hello!