Power Thief, Break Cover and From The Jam at The Barrington

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Barrington Theatre last night for Power Thief, Break Cover and From The jam.

After a real scare at the beginning of the year The Barrington have made an amazing recovery.  The audience have a strong love for all things Classic Rock and its clear from last night’s audience, and some up and coming names on the bill, that the management know what their audience likes. Thanks Barrington for an excellent venue, with superb sound, lighting and an amazing staff!

First up were Power Thief, a young band from Bournemouth. They may have had tiny amps but they made up for it with enthusiasm, banter and energy. It was great to see the crowd warm to them so quickly.

Then it was our turn and, as usual, it felt like a real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment.

Feed back from the staff and audience afterwards was really great. The sound guys did an excellent job at powering out our sound and

Simon even got to use his fancy Victory amplifier he has on loan.

From The Jam took to the stage with a roar of sound and much to the crowd’s delight ripped through so many of the band’s classic hits from the last 40 years!

Neil even got to add to his collection of selfies with Bruce.

The Barrington is a joy to play and Friday night was no exception. If you’ve not had the chance to get down there, we cannot recommend it highly enough. A great venue with good sound, lighting, an amazing audience and run by a welcoming, brilliant bunch of people!

Thank you everyone involved. A great, great night!


New CD!

So after much waiting we can finally release to the world our latest CD – Undaunted.

We have put it on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/breakcover/sets/undaunted) and we are also hosting it here on our website. Head over to the CD page, click play and it’ll run through the whole CD for you from start to finish.

It is best listened to loud and through the biggest stereo you can hook up your computer, tablet or phone to!

10 Track CD – Undaunted

Pictures from Qudos

Here’s a collection of photos from Qudos last night including a few fan submissions :D. We had an absolute blast last night and the crowd were amazing! Happy birthday to Lola, although we won’t publicly tell everyone how old you are!! Thank you very much to everyone who came to see us, and thank you for being so appreciative.

We have only a week off before our next gig, and it is a big one! Supporting From The Jam at the Barrington Theatre. Make sure you keep an eye on our gigs page on the website (www.breakcoverband.com/gigs) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/BreakCover/events) for our list of upcoming gigs.