New Year’s Eve

This time tomorrow we’ll be setting up at The Royal Oak in Salisbury ready to see in 2017. It is a ticketed event (£10 adults, children free)  so if you are still without a ticket, give them a buzz on 01722 414777.

See you there!!!

Sad times

It is usually this time of year, when I kick back with a drink, put a good CD on and have a shuffle through what we have been up to for the past 12 months. I’ll probably do that properly in a few days, however on Christmas Day I got a couple of rock compilation albums. And so far, of the three discs that had some Quo on it, the laptop has been picking them out to play first for some reason…

Now I write this as duty young’un. My earliest memories of Status Quo was “In the army now”. So I’m fairly late to the party, and my Mum and Dads record collection didn’t have a lot of Quo in it so some of the lesser known stuff that other band members grew up listening to is pretty new to me. I know their songs through numerous rock radio stations I listen to, through the band, and playing guitar. I’ve never been an avid fan, but I will admit it was only recently that “I got it”. A few years ago there was an opportunity to see the Frantic Four reunite live. It didn’t really flick my switch so I passed, however Craig, Simon and Ray had an amazing time.

Fast forward to this year, we had an opportunity to support John Coghlan’s Quo in Ferndown. I wasn’t the most excited out of the lot of us… (That award goes to the drummer who shared a stage with his childhood hero for a night) but it was going to be a good venue and should be a really good night. I did work out that John Coghlan had actually left Status Quo the year before I was born! But he was part of the legendary band at a legendary time.

We did our bit, and it was pretty amazing. Everything about the gig was in it’s absolute sweet spot including the audience. It was a shame we had to only do an hour because it was so good!!! Still, we got out of the way and JC’s Quo took over. First of all, I didn’t realise how many Quo songs I actually knew, and liked… But it was in the live setting and having close to two hours of Quo from all the albums on that it really sunk in. I think that was when I actually “got it”.

The news on Christmas Eve that Rick Parfitt had passed away was a shock. Judging by his aspirations to write a book and release new material in 2017 show that he was still focused on music even though he had to stop touring with Quo on medical advice.  His playing has been an inspiration to many, one comment on Facebook I saw said Rick was the reason he picked up a guitar. He has left behind a staggering 5 decades of music, 40 albums and countless live shows.

However you just can’t get away from the fact that 2016 has been a horrible year for losing musical greats. I for one have my fingers crossed that we don’t lose any more heroes in the short run now to New Year…

2 gigs to go in 2016

That’s right, 2 gigs left of 2016… First of all we are playing as part of the “Boredom Buster” in that lull between Christmas and New Year on the 29th December. There is a host of bands playing to keep you entertained! There will be buckets out for the Rose Gale Trust.

Then we will be playing at The Royal Oak in Salisbury for New Years Eve. Families are welcome, tickets are £10 per adult (available from the pub), children free.

The Break Cover Hootenanny!

Thank you to everyone who came down to The Mill on Saturday for our little sort of “office party”. So many talented musical guests came out to play as well… We had :-

Andy Clements on Drums
Ray Franklin on Bass (and later vocals!)
Dave Hitchins on Drums
Neil Berrett on Guitar
Paul Stubbs on Guitar
Jez Caesar on Harmonica
Chris Powell on Guitar
Malcolm Wilkinson on Guitar
Kenneth Brannagan on Vocals
Tim Richards on Harmonica
Lea Truckle on Guitar
John Mills on Bass

Thank you very much to everyone who came. we had a fantastic night!