Bank Holiday Weekend! Qudos followed by the Cosy Club

A fantastic welcome back to two gigs back to back. Both brilliant venues and both with brilliant dancing audience. I do love being part of this little band although I need about a weeks worth of sleep to get over it!

I’m back! Almost!!!

So this bank holiday weekend coming up. Back to normal duties with Break Cover with a gig Saturday at Qudos and again on Sunday at the Cosy Club! And nosing at the set list, they’ve left a little welcome home treat for me at the end of the night… I love playing in this little band, and quite thankful they haven’t chinned me off in favour of the most adept dep that’s kept my seat warm. Neil, thank you ever so much for what you’ve done for the band over the past two months, and also to Lea who also stepped in for a couple. Now, I suppose Qudos is going to be a bit of a welcome back, so come on down, it should be a pretty epic night!


Happy Birthday Break Cover!

First of all, I have to say that when this finds it’s way to Facebook, it won’t have the pictures in it, so click the link and read it on the website ūüėČ

So, Break Cover is 4 years old today! Well, alright, not quite, but it is 4 years since our very first gig! Check out that set list! Cor, we do more than that in one set, however you got to start somewhere, and after having Simon with us for all of about 3 weeks, we set off and pulled it off…
2013-04-14 14.00.27

So I’m not in the country¬†right now, sat on my laptop with a beer (Time difference! It’s the evening right now!!! Honest!!) and some classic rock on the radio, thinking over the last year in the life of a covers band…

First of all Claire joined us on vocals in May last year and after a few practices, jumped in both feet first at the Huntsmans Tavern last June.
We went into the studio and recorded a CD.
We played over 40 gigs in the last year!
We have had some assistance from some fantastic local players, especially with my new job taking me away from home (I don’t have a photo of Lea Truckle with the band!).
We played some fantastic open air gigs, and already have bookings for some great summer venues this year.
Neal 2
We won Best Covers Band 2015, second year in a row! And Craig has been voted Salisbury’s best drummer!
We played the Salisbury Christmas Lights switch on. A massive thing on a stage I only ever imagined before!
IMG_1163.JPG (3)

I need to thank every one of you that has come to watch us play. If it wasn’t for the audience, we wouldn’t have a job! And to those that follow us, I am deeply humbled every time someone has said they have gone out of their way to come and see us play.

I am a little sad I haven’t been able to play for some time this last year, however Neil Berrett and Lea Truckle have done a sterling job filling in for me. Also I can’t say it’s a little sad, it is definitely very sad that Ray has decided to call it a day on Bass duties. He turns up regularly with his “World’s Okayest Bass Player” t-shirt on, but we all know that’s a massive lie! It’s not all about being the most proficient bass player of all time though, Ray has a groove that will be difficult to substitute. You will have seen the young Dave Hitchins helping us out with gigs that Ray can’t do bringing his own style.

So where do we go from here. We have some awesome gigs lined up over the summer such as Figheldean’s Figglefest, The Bear’s beer festival, Firsdown music festival and Glastonbelly to name a few. A bit closer to now though, Break Cover are at the Cuckoo Inn in Hamptworth this Saturday and then I get to rock out in Qudos next weekend! I can’t bloody wait! It’s been far too long!!!

So, check out our gigs section ( and find a gig near you. Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you soon!


The Mill in Salisbury

A great night was had by all at the launch of the Fisherton Festival at The Mill on 1 May. Many thanks to Luke and the staff for a fun evening. An appreciative audience made a lot of noise and we were struck by what an excellent live music venue The Mill is. Lots of room and some crazy acoustics. It would be great to say live music make a return here – the customers certainly seem to appreciate it!

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