Pictures from Saturday Night

Saturday saw us play at The Rainbow on the Lake in Steeple Langford for Katies 40th Birthday Party. I lost count at the 4th encore, but we certainly had a blast, and the feedback we’ve had was that the night was a huge success. Happy 40th Katie!!!

Pictures from Shrewton Rec

Ladies and gents, please join me in saying a massive thank you to Dave Hitchins from The Bootleggers ( for stepping in on bass. And also thanks to Roxy of Smarty Party Roxy for asking us to play. The event was a fundraiser for the Shrewton hall, and with the hall full, I hope the funds raised is enough!

Pictures from The Queens Arms

So Friday saw us perform our 100th gig at The Queens Arms in Salisbury. A great time was had, and there was no expense spared on the decorations for our celebrations! We had a sneaky look at the barn there that is having it’s grand opening on the 20th Feb. It’s not complete yet, but it has all the hallmarks of being an awesome live music venue! Hope to play there soon!