Talking Heads

What a very special gig last night at Talking Heads in Southampton!


The total raised on the night for DreamFlight through ticket sales, the raffle and the auction was £1855.04.

Well done to Maz, Andy and everyone involved in a most excellent night. Thank you to everyone for your participation and generosity.

Tinged with a hint of sadness as that was our last gig at this venue as Talking Heads has officially confirmed that they will be ending their tenancy at 320 Portswood Road at the end of January 2016, due to planned redevelopment of the building. They are delighted to announce that we will be moving to, and operating in their new venue 16-22 The Polygon [formerly known as The Maple Leaf] as of February 2016.

Hope to see you at our next gig, which is on New Year’s Eve at Salisbury Rugby Football Club, Salisbury

Last gigs before Christmas

This weekend sees another ‘double header’ with two final gigs before Christmas.

First up is a very special event at the Old Ale House in Crane Street, Salisbury. Break Cover will play some of our favourite songs we have performed in 2015 and will be joined by at least one guest on over 25 of those and we have more than a dozen guests across the evening. Think of Jool’s Holland’s Hootenany without the cameras. And At Christmas.


And then the very last gig before Christmas is also a first for us as we are over at the Augustus John in Fordingbridge. We’ve not played there before and have not played at all in Fordingbridge! However, from the feedback we have seen the crowd there are great fun so we are expecting fun things.

More details on that gig are on Facebook here…

Please join us for a great weekend of music!

Thank you

A glass of drink poured into an effects board, an audience member fallen over, a fight, bright red lipstick smeared all over a cheek, hot, sweaty, a lot of singing and a lot of dancing. And that was just the first set! Can only mean one thing…


Another great night at Qudos!

Thank you to the ‘up for it’ audience and a special thank you to the bar staff for keeping everything together. See you again soon!

Only 6 more gigs until the end of 2015

First up … tonight at Qudos…

Qudos Poster

Here are all 6 gigs left in 2015. Please come and join us for any that are local to you.

2015 has been a rollercoaster year for us so please come and join us and help celebrate the holiday season

Calamity Avoided

Thank you to the staff and to audience that stayed from the first note to the last at The Five Bells last night. Singing along and dancing to every number – you know who you are!

Dsc_0005a Dsc_0007a Dsc_0008a Dsc_0015a Dsc_0017a Dsc_0021a Dsc_0023a Dsc_0025aCalamity was avoided and Neil wins the Break Cover gold star award for breaking a string, changing guitar, completing the solo, restringing the guitar and getting on with it all without anyone noticing.

Next up is the Countdown To Christmas starting at Qudos on Friday 11th December – can’t wait for this one and we look forward to seeing you there!