The Cloisters

Such a great night last night at The Cloisters. Brilliant atmosphere and a great crowd. And so good to be part of a strong event like Salisbury Live. This year it’s over three weekends rather than the normal two, so if you aren’t all Live Music’d (is that a word?!) out, then come see us at The Huntsmans Tavern next Saturday on the 6th June.

3 Years Old Today

Third BirthdayAbout this time 3 years back, 4 people were putting stuff into a van ready to do their first gig as Break Cover, having only decided on the name a week before as a “temporary” name…

There have been a few line-up changes, not least to mention our very recently outgoing vocalist Louise Wakeham, however the band is showing no signs of slowing down! Over the summer we have 4 open air events. Figglefest at Figheldean, Music in the Rec in Durrington, Sixpenny Sessions at Sixpenny Handley and very proud to be helping with The Bridge Music Festival​ for a second year at Stockbridge. We’re supporting Salisbury Live for a third year with two gigs at The Cloisters and The Huntsmans Tavern.

So here’s to a bright future. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and those that continue to at our gigs. It’s always nice to see familiar faces at gigs!

Salisbury Live, Salisbury Arts Festival 2015

“These guys require no intro, voted Best Covers Band at the 2014 Salisbury Music Awards. An award voted on entirely by the public says it all really. You just need to sing along and have a great time. Very much in demand is this lot, which is why they are playing twice over Salisbury Live. They look the part and they sound the part. Come along and see/hear for yourself.” Salisbury Live, Salisbury Arts Festival, May 2015

30 May – The Cloisters Inn, Catherine Street, Salisbury:

6 June – The Huntsman Tavern, Gigant Street, Salisbury:

Break Cover 1a

Farewell to Louise

As the dust settles on a fantastic night at Qudos last night, sadly this is the end of Louise Wakeham’s vocal duties. I will admit, it kind of struck me at the start of set 2, playing Hair of the Dog…

When I was a lad getting into rock music, I managed to buy myself a copy of Guns ‘n’ Roses album – The Spaghetti Incident. I was about 12 years old and I bloody loved it. So every time I play it, the little kid in me jumps about for 5 minutes or so. Although last night was a bit different, it’s going to be the last time that gets played for a while…

So, just to throw some stats out there. Lou has been in Break Cover for 708 days (or 1 year 11 months and 9 days for the more conventional) from first gig to last gig. and in that time, we have performed 42 gigs, recorded one album, and won one award! That works out to over 100 hours performing and it’d probably work out a scary amount of time practicing. However, statistics are just statistics. It was a very old fella that taught me that sometimes being in a band is far more than 5 people playing the same thing at the same time. Regardless of talent or skill, people have to gel together to be a great band, and for the last 708 days, I think we have been fortunate to have that. We wish Louise all the best, and look forward to seeing her dancing in the audience sometime soon. I think Ray would like to have you dance with him on stage though!

So what next for Break Cover? The vocal talents of Mr Craig Butler (singing and drumming!) will once again take centre stage for a time while we decide what next to do. There are no cancelled gigs and we will be auditioning for new members soon. Our next gig is at The Cloisters at the end of May as part of Salisbury Live. We look forward to seeing you there!!!