Almost time!

So, there is less than a week to go now until I leave on a jet plane back to the (so I’ve heard) not so sunny UK! Just in time for our gig at Qudos on the 29th November.

I have said before on my facebook, but a nod of thanks definately goes to Mr Colin Gray for standing in for me whilst I dissapeared off to the sunny Falklands. I’ve tried to keep as up to date as I can with limited internet access down here and Break Cover has definately continued to rock the Salisbury area (although I don’t get quick enough internet to watch any of the videos that have been uploaded!!! The pictures are proof enough!)

So down in the Falklands, I have been part of 3 different bands, played some 15 gigs, taken part in 15 open mic / jam sessions, sung, bassed, ukuleled, taught, drummed and guitared all over the island. But one weekend in Stanley, playing at the Pinn Inn at Hillside camp, news came from the UK that at the SMAs 2014, Break Cover were voted best covers band! News which I’ve been itching to celebrate back in Salisbury since it happened. And a celebration is what I’m aiming to put on! I love playing what we play, and there are only a couple of songs I’ve managed to convince people here to play!

I hope you can make it to Qudos on the 29th. I fully intend on having a massive blast slipping back into the red tie and trilby.

Take care and see you all soon!