Qudos – 22nd March

Another fantastic evening at Qudos in Salisbury. Thanks to everyone who came, but an extra thanks to Mr Chris Wynn who stepped in on Bass for us. I don’t think the red beret lasted long though as it was circa one million degrees in there with everyone dancing!

Break Cover 10 Track Sampler

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we can share with you this sneak preview of our new ten track CD. To say we are satisfied is a rather large understatement!

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Qudos this Saturday 22 March!

Qudos March 2014

This Saturday Break Cover are back at Qudos Music Bar & Grill in Salisbury and this time we are pleased to invite Mr Chris Wynn to the stage as a stand in bass player while Ray is out gadding about the country.

Chris will be a familiar face to some as a guitarist and bass player in other bands in Salisbury as well as Qudos’ own jam nights.

Please join us in welcoming Chris to his guest spot for a month or two by dancing your little socks off.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the night!


A quiet weekend!

Could be just what the doctor ordered, a quiet weekend! Next weekend won’t be, but it’ll be in a studio!!!

Last time we took a trip to the studio, it was an extremely enjoyable experience and came out with a recording to be proud of. This time with new faces, new gear and a new list of songs, I’m sure hoping we can better the 1st.

Recent weeks have taken a bit of a drain though. Trying to practice in between a gig every week can get quite difficult when juggling a day job, family and the band. We had one Saturday off in February, but then we were practicing! So having a completely free weekend is good to recharge the batteries and really nail the studio.

I’m looking forward to it!!!

By the way, you can still get our previous Studio recording here -> http://bitly.com/1619cFc

A stonker at The Cloisters!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at The Cloisters last night. We had a cracking night!! It was great to see so many of you dancing and singing along. We’re now going to have a couple of weeks off as we’re in need of rest, before we head to the studio to record our new album. Exciting stuff!!